Our Mission

To advance knowledge for the good of society; to improve the health of people worldwide; or to find better ways to treat and prevent disease.

Clinical Studies & Trials

We work diligently to bring new products to market. Our team is made up of physicians that are currently practicing all across the United States.

Medical Rearch


Our research site is ideally located and convenient to multiple freeways and airports.

Our facility includes:

  • Dedicated research exam rooms
  • -20° C temperature monitored freezer
  • Monitored refrigeration min/max
  • Current fully calibrated medical equipment
  • Secured investigational drug storage monitored 24 hour min/max temperature
  • On site infusion services
  • Current CLIA Waiver for onsite blood drawing station if needed
  • Private monitoring space with wireless internet access
  • On site services, including Fibroscan Fibrosis, breath test studies, cancer screenings, esophageal pressure tests and others are available
  • Trained Licensed/Certified and qualified research staff

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